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Our San Antonio TX chiropractic clinic was designed to treat your clients with the compassionate care that they deserve while their case is handled by your firm.

  1. LOP's Welcome
    AAA Medical Solutions is a specialized treatment clinic designed to work in perfect synergy with your law office.
  2. Fast Medical Records
    Our fully electronic medical records are ready to send and delivered digitally to your inbox when you need them.
  3. Free Transportation
    We understand that many of your clients may be unable to drive themselves to their healthcare providers. At AAA Medical Solutions we offer free patient transportation.
  4. Multiple Locations in San Antonio w/ Plans to Expand to Underserved Areas
    Research shows that patients truly appreciate local providers which is why we offer multiple locations throughout San Antonio, TX.

Personal Injury & Auto Accident Care In San Antonio TX

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AAA Medical Solutions

2115 Pleasanton Rd # 204
San Antonio, TX 78221
P: (210) 495-0086
F: (210) 495-0801

AAA Medical Solutions

6127 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, TX 78216
P: (210) 495-0086
F: (210) 495-0801