Treatment for Injuries caused by Slips and Falls

If you have been injured as a result of a slip or fall then making a speedy recovery is probably most important. There are a huge variety of injuries that can result from a slip, trip or fall and the number of possible treatment options is even more numerous. These are some of the most common treatments that will be prescribed by a doctor following a slip, trip or fall.

Cast or Brace:

If your fall results in a broken or fractured bone of any type then your physician will most likely want to put the injured body part into a brace, or a cast which will help support the injury so it can make a correct and full recovery. The cast will often be made of plaster, and is semi-permanent, and should not be removed until the doctor removes it. A brace is a temporary device made from metal and plastics which should be work at most times, but can be removed for cleaning. If the fall has resulted in damage to the patient’s neck or back then a brace of a different nature will often be worn. A more substantial affair the a brace for a fractured bone, a neck or back brace is designed to hold the injured part almost completely immobile and prevent any further damage from being incurred. These braces are often temporary, but depending on the severity of the injury may have to be worn for some time.

Bandages and Stitches:

A fall can often result in scrapes and cuts or lacerations. Treatment for these injuries can be as simple as a bandage to prevent further bleeding or a more serious injury may require stitching to hold a laceration closed until it can fully heal.

Treatment for Head Injuries:

Any injury to the head is always serious, and should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible to assess the damage done. For most injuries there will not need to be much in the way of treatment done. For minor injuries pain medication may be necessary, just for the patients comfort. A concussion is probably the most common type of injury resulting from this type of accident, and for these injuries, doctors will often recommend that the patient not sleep for some time, until the full extent of the injury can be assessed, but other than that, relaxing and rest are all that is needed. A more serious injury from a fall may result in Intracerebral bleeding which will require drilling into the cranium to relive pressure and allow fluids to drain.

Why A Doctor Is Important:

In any slip, trip or fall it is always important to consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Even a minor fall may result in serious injuries which are not apparent immediately, that a skilled doctor would be able to help with. The specialists at AAA Medical Solutions are always available for a consultation by stopping by their offices, convenient located in San Antonio. The skilled doctors will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment for any injury.